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Abbeville Bank(662-234-5520)
Allen Larry(662-234-3814)
Alonzo Claude(662-234-4585)
Bank of Holly Springs(662-234-5520)
Billingsley H A(662-234-7770)
Bonds Mary E(662-234-5040)
Braziel Jessie(662-234-3636)
Brown Raymond(662-236-2166)
Depriest Hillard E(662-234-2894)
Dunson Tonie(662-234-4529)
First Baptist Church of Abbeville(662-234-3486)
Flemons Pearlie(662-234-3483)
Graham Jerry(662-234-7368)
Gunter B R(662-234-1939)
Haynie D(662-234-2980)
Haynie John C(662-234-2451)
Herod Delores(662-236-3730)
Herod James(662-236-3730)
Ingalls Lyle A(662-234-8832)
Jones Ruby M(662-234-4177)
Kesler Brenda(662-234-0125)
Klepzig J D(662-234-4980)
Klepzig P D(662-234-4370)
Leeton M P(662-234-8499)
Livingston Bruce L(662-234-6406)
Malone Ethel M(662-236-4517)
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