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Bell Glover(601-625-8482)
McGriggs Thomas(601-894-8533)
Jenkins Edna(601-894-0219)
Evans Johnna(601-894-8398)
Evans Sheila(601-894-8398)
Evans Shelia D(601-894-0297)
Smith Rosetta(601-894-2881)
Belton L V(601-894-1962)
Norrels J P(601-894-5257)
Catching Gale(601-894-3578)
Blockum Alma(601-894-3562)
Chase John L(601-894-4876)
Newell Michael(601-894-5125)
Newell Shirley(601-894-5125)
Sullivan Willie(601-894-2842)
Lewis Carrie W(601-894-5020)
Fatheree L(601-894-1950)
Jackson Tommy(601-894-1910)
Lyons Dennis(601-894-5035)
Mack Mony(601-894-2950)
Brown Beverly(601-894-8194)
Brown Lucy Cotton(601-894-2544)
Taylor Lou E(601-894-1787)
Clark J C(601-894-4610)
Little Abbie(601-894-4838)
Fletcher Alisa(601-894-3916)
Bogan Emma(601-894-4335)
Thompson Mary A(601-894-2582)
Wilson Frederick(601-894-5627)
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