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Alex D(601-775-3518)
Truss Earl(662-674-5658)
Branch Maggie(662-289-5558)
Brooks Cynthia(662-289-7246)
Brown Larry(662-289-5403)
Mosley Neal(662-289-4650)
Branch Myles(662-289-7186)
Anderson Freeman(601-775-8833)
Bank of Lake Branch Newton County B(601-775-3241)
Bargin Bessie(601-536-3202)
Bell D(601-775-8222)
Clark Helen(601-536-3482)
Clark O(601-775-3731)
Clark S B(601-775-0024)
Comby Ethel(601-775-9289)
Crosby Jerry(601-775-3782)
Crout Ray(601-775-3688)
Dipuma S(601-775-8731)
Ellis Dorothy N(601-775-3239)
Evans Charles M(601-775-3970)
Evans Mattie R(601-775-3586)
Evans Sam(601-775-3269)
First Baptist Church(601-775-3340)
Flowers Oscar(601-775-3257)
Gibbs L(601-775-0238)
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